Remlinger Manufacturing has been producing farm equipment for over 50 years. The founder, Wilbur Remlinger had the simple philosphy of producing quality harrow attachments at a fair price to farmers in the area. From those humble beginnings in 1964, Remlinger has grown to a producer of a vast array of farm equipment, serving farmers all across the United States as well as around the globe.

Remlinger Manufacturing is still a family owned business led by Wilbur's son John, with many other family members actively involved in the business. While Remlinger began as a farm equipment manufacturing company, contract manufacturing has become a very important division as well. ISO 9001-2008 certification ensures quality parts or assemblies for the customers we serve all over the world.

Remlinger Manufacturing is now marketing and selling harrows from Kelly Engineering to select states and provinces. Located in Boleroo Centre, South Australia, Kelly Engineering manufactures agricultural machinery and is a leader in diamond disc chain harrow technology, manufacturing the world renowned Kelly Diamond Harrow. Kelly harrows are sold to Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Vermont, Rhode Island, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, the majority of Eastern Ohio, Ontario and Quebec.

Remlinger Manufacturing purchased PFM in 2010, expanding its line of agricultural related products and broadening Remlinger’s product base. The line of PFM division products includes power ditchers, rock pickers, bale slicers, screening buckets, post/tree pullers, and fork, tine rock and root grapple buckets.

Remlinger Manufacturing’s 9400 Cultivator offers high speed, high residue, and precision cultivation.  The 9400 offers minimal soil disturbance, leaving more crop residue on the surface for conservation tillage. Patented, wrenchless adjustments make the 9400 the easiest cultivator on the market to adjust. This cultivator can be used for corn, soybeans, tobacco, cotton and virtually any crop. A wide variety of sweep shares are available to cultivate in many different types of soil and for different row spacing and crop sizes.